For MCB 2, CBMU 1/101, CBD 1802, CBD 1804, CBMU 553 and CBMU 577

Seabee Reunion


MCB2 Newsletter vol 12 no 2.pdf dated January 15, 2018

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Our Last Reunion
Sad to say but the Las Vegas reunion was the last reunion for the MCB 2 Reunion Association.  We have been able to get together for 26 years, beginning with the Springfield, Missouri reunion.  We were in San Antonio when the Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorists, but each reunion has had memories.  Do you remember your first reunion?  But the time has come to an end.  The announcement brought tears to many eyes and many stories of reunions past.  We had a very good time in Las Vegas and had some that attended for the first time.  Thanks to all who came to make Las Vegas a memorable reunion.  We will continue the Newsletter, but primarily as an on-line Newsletter.  We plan to continue the web site and dues are still needed to keep it open.  

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And affilliated with MCB 3, MCB 5, MCB 9, MCB 11 and NCB 103. We were all working together. NCB 103 publishes a Newsletter, available here: December 2017 NCB 103 Newsletter. Another great Newsletter from Wayne Heple.

Our reunion was in Las Vegas, Nevada September 12-14, 2017 at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.  This reunion would have been a good time for all Cubi Point Seabees to join with MCB 2: MCB3, MCB 5, MCB 9 and MCB 11.  If you helped build Subic Bay Naval Air Station, you should have come and seen your old buddies!  The October 30, 2017 issue, below explains that this was our last reunion.

for MCB 2, CBMU 1/101, CBD 1802, CBD 1804, CBMU 553 and CBMU 577

The above image was taken from a photograph of the Seabees pouring concrete for the upper level reservoir for the Cubi Point project.  The image for this medallion was sculpted by Felix de Weldon (a former Seabee) from that photograph.  All men are MCB 2 and LCdr. Hark Ketels (BU 3 at the time) is second from left in the photograph and on the medal.